Thoughts on Family & Light The World Day 15

Rhett used to HATE baths. He refused to be naked, and we always had to bathe him in swim trunks while he screamed and tried to escape. I'm not sure what changed, but now he can't get enough of the water. We got a long shower head with a hose that reaches all the way to the shower floor, so we just set it on low and let him play. He has a blast splashing all his toys, and when we try to get him out he says, "No, let me take a shower!" He says it very calmly and sweetly at first, but the more we bug him, the louder he yells it.

Now he begs to take a shower multiple times a day. I tried letting him play with some water in the sink, but he has a bad habit of pouring cups of water onto the floor... Ain't he cute though? 😍

Today I was feeling ambitious and I took the boys to the Y so I could work out. Then we hit up McDonald's so the boys could get in some more play time (and chocolate milkshakes, of course). Mostly I just wanted to wear them out for bedtime. I'm finding that if they don't run around all day, they won't go to sleep at night. And momma needs her sleep!!!

My boys deprive me of sleep and drive me insane on a regular basis, but I wouldn't trade this messy and beautiful life for anything. They give me a purpose greater than I ever knew I could have. For every tantrum that makes me want to pull my hair out, there is a smile and a snuggle to make up for it tenfold. My family is my greatest treasure, and I'm so grateful that God gave me the gift of motherhood.

Why are families so important?

Light the World Day 15

Jesus taught:

"Blessed are the merciful."

—Matthew 5:7

Jesus’s sacrifice on our behalf was the greatest example of mercy. We can follow His example by extending mercy and compassion to others wherever we can.

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