Celebrating the New Year, & other holiday memories

Happy 2018! We brought in the new year by trying new foods and playing games with family. Ryan had to work, and he took Paul for a ride along so we missed them, but they had fun too.

Rhett stayed up til 7:30. I knew he would wake up at 5am either way, so I opted to put him down early! Kender lasted until 9 before I had to put him to bed due to tiredness tantrums. I lasted until about 10... We are party animals!

Our family started a "new foods" tradition where on New Years Eve, everyone brings a food they've never tried before and we all try new things together. Some are really good (like chocolate rocks and veggie fries) and others are a little different (like dehydrated okra and sardines).

Last year we did a "weird foods" tradition and ended up with things like chocolate bacon and seaweed... I like the new foods tradition better 😄

Kender LOVED playing the Pie Face game he got for Christmas! He battled every willing opponent lol

Kender enjoying the "gear bike" he got for Christmas. Now he can ride in style! He's been using the bike that his Dad learned to ride on when he was a kid. It's 20 years old... It was time for an upgrade!

These pictures are from last week. Whenever we go outside, Rhett always wants to play in either Ryan's truck or his patrol car. This time, Ryan made all his dreams come true! He showed the boys where the bad guys sit.

This sweet snuggly little goober turned THREE!!! More pictures to come 😊

And here is a cute video that captures the snow we got for Christmas, and our fun with Pie Face!

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