Finishing Our Foundation, Homeschool Changes, and Rock Climbing

So far in 2018, Rhett turned 3, we finished the foundation for our future house, and we changed up some things with homeschool. We've spent most of the winter so far being sick, but the boys are good sports, and Ryan has been really good about taking care of us and taking cute pictures. I have like 5 posts worth of pictures backed up that he took!

Ryan has been home for the past couple of weeks for vacation, and it's made us really spoiled. He's been gone for a couple of days snowmobiling and we miss him so much! But he will be home tomorrow and will have a couple more days off before he needs to go back to work, and we are going to soak up every last ounce of Daddy time!

After a long break from school, we added some stuff from Discovery k12 to our curriculum. It's really helped to break up the "boring" stuff and it's been a great supplement to the Good & the Beautiful curriculum. Also, it's FREE!

He only had to write each month, but then decided to list the birthdays in those months too. Don't be upset if your name isn't there - I cut him off so we could move on with lessons lol

I love homeschool because we can go at our own pace, and have so much freedom in our schedule. Kender is almost done with his current grade level, and we can go ahead and start the next one whenever we want. And for PE, he does rock climbing!

Kender can be really outgoing, but he can also be really shy and scared at times (especially with new things). He was really nervous about rock climbing when we first started, but it looked fun and he wanted to do it so he stuck with it. He had a few weeks of climbing halfway up the easy wall, and then one day he made it all the way up! Then he moved on to medium, and the other day (our first day back in over a month) he monkeyed himself all the way up the medium-hard wall on his first try! We were SO proud ♥

Kender at the top of the medium-hard wall

This week he tried the hard wall, which is ridiculously hard (it's the one with the big cliff sticking out halfway up) and uses an auto-belay. He made it halfway up before he slipped and the belay dropped him slightly slower than if he hadn't had a belay at all... So needless to say he was scared, but he still loves climbing and I love him for finding something he loves and sticking with it!

While Ryan and Kender were off working at the property, Rhett and I had a grocery shopping and chocolate milk date. He loves all things chocolate.

It's kind of hard to see what's happening with all the dirt piles, but the concrete guys are pouring our foundation.

Kender really enjoyed watching all the concrete trucks!

Every little thing that gets done makes it feel a little more real... The framers start in the beginning of February!

I stayed home from church last week with a stomach bug, and he came in and snuggled me as soon as he got home ♥

Making banana bread together!

And last but not least, some Daddy bonding time 😄

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