Rhett's 3rd Birthday

I'm a little late with this, but Rhett had a birthday!!! I can't believe my baby is three....

He's still my precious snuggler. He gives the best hugs, and has the best laugh. He's a BIG Momma's boy, and I love that. Actually since Ryan has been home on vacation he's been a little less of a Momma's boy, but that's ok because it's precious to see how much he loves his dad too ♥

We adore you Rhett. We are so blessed to have you in our lives!

PS - Sorry some of the pictures are so grainy. I thought I could multitask by snapping photos while I was taking a video, but apparently multitasking takes away from the picture quality... Lesson learned! Melissa got some good ones though, so she saved the day.

He still LOVES trucks!

Rhett and Soren share a birthday, so it was pretty cool for them to celebrate together! Soren, age 9 and Rhett, age 3.

UPDATE: Finally got around to editing that video! I really like the GoPro Quik Stories app.

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