Framing our House and 7 Gratefuls

In the Spirit of Sunday, I wanted to list off a few things that I've been grateful for lately. And number one on that list is...

1. Framing. (It's happening! Our house is taking shape. We have exterior walls!)

2. Sunny weather. The firstlings of spring are visible all around, and I love it!

3. Family. Through thick an thin, family is the one thing that will always be there, and I'm so grateful for mine 💗

4. Sleep. I haven't been getting much of it lately, but the past couple of nights I was able to get a full 8 hours and it made a HUGE difference in my day.

5. Constant access to the internet. Kender woke up last night with croup symptoms so I immediately grabbed him and took him out into the cold air. It seemed to stop the coughing fit. I was confused because his only symptoms were a barking cough and trouble breathing. No fever or mucous or anything. I thought maybe it was asthma. After a bit of Googling on my phone, I learned about spasmodic croup, which matched his symptoms exactly (and isn't contagious, for our friends we played with yesterday 😊). We gave him some cough medicine and started up the humidifier and he was back to normal within an hour. So weird! We will see if it happens again tonight with the humidifier running from the get go.

Anyway, the reason I'm grateful for the internet is that it helped me feel like I could do something for Kender. It helped me not feel totally helpless. It helped me find suggestions (in the middle of the night) that actually worked.

6. How much Rhett loves me. He is my snuggly little shadow, and my forever little buddy. It makes Ryan super jealous. His clinginess does get to be a bit much at times, but I'm grateful to have a kid who likes me so much!

7. My faith. No matter the trials I face, I know that my Heavenly Father knows me, loves me, and wants me to be happy. I know that the trials we face in this life help us grow and make us stronger.

I've been listening to Grateful in any Circumstances by Dieter F. Uchtdof. He talks about not necessarily being grateful for things we have, but having an "overall attitude of gratitude." I've been thinking a lot about that lately and I think (to me) it basically means that you look for the good in whatever circumstances you find yourself in. So I'm trying to be a little more positive, a little more optimistic, and see a little more good in each day.

I'm curious - What does having an "attitude of gratitude" mean to you?


  1. To me having an attitude if gratitude means always being aware of your blessings and being thankful for them. We are blessed in so many ways that are taken for granted. For instance, last night our hot water heater flooded our kitchen and bathroom. Yes 2” of water makes for really clean tile but what a mess to clean up. Today, however, we found out the water heater is still under warranty. The amazing thing is the warranty runs out in two weeks. Even thou it made a mess, I am gratitude for the timing. Two more weeks and we would have extra expense as well as a mess! So, seeing the good in the bad is important when it comes to having an attitude of gratitude.

  2. Way to see the good! Sorry you had to deal with the mess... <3