Friday Homeschool Follow Up

This is my first (and possibly last) Friday Homeschool Follow Up.

This week was not as structured as I intended (see more on that in Our Typical Day Homeschooling). This was a much more chaotic and relaxed week in terms of routine. At first I was really frustrated that the week wasn't going perfectly like I wanted it to, but then I realized that I was missing the whole point.

We also spontaneously completed a puzzle this week, which we never do. And it was really fun!

The beauty of homeschooling is that we can go at our own pace. We can be relaxed. We don't have to use a rigid schedule. We can do what works for us, and that may change week to week or even day to day. This week the best we could do was our daily reading lessons, reading stories together, handwriting practice, and math.

That's not as much as I originally planned, but we also got some unanticipated life lessons. We had the opportunity to help a friend who ended up in the hospital, and Kender learned about serving others from that experience. Yesterday we had pent up energy so we took an unplanned swimming field trip to the Y where Kender got comfortable putting his whole head underwater (something he has always been terrified of).

No, our week didn't look great on paper. But that doesn't mean we weren't learning.

Rhett discovered the joy of headphones. Here he is enjoying his favorite movie, Max (more widely known as The Secret Life of Pets)

This year, Kender is learning all the details of building a house. Not only that, but he's getting hands on experience. How many kids get to say that they helped build their house!? I feel so fortunate that Kender gets to be a part of this process, and I have no doubt he is learning valuable lessons from his experiences working at the property. That boy really knows how to work.

This picture cracks me up! I was trying to get a picture of Kender magnet fishing for metal things and we were photo-bombed by Ryan using is taser to play with Sadie (and Rhett, who was the most fascinated by the little red dot lol)

I still want to write about things we've done or lessons we've learned in homeschooling, but I don't think I'll do the structured "Friday Homeschool Follow Up" the way I originally intended.

Exciting side note: Our house is being framed this week! YAAAAYYYY!!!! 😃

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  1. Flexibility is key. You got this! Love reading about your family! Your amazing!