Our Typical Day Homeschooling

I want to start being more organized and better about keeping track of our progress with homeschooling. We will be taking Fridays off from here on out, so I'll be using that time to go over how our week went, and posting the highs and lows here on the blog. It shall hereby be known as my Friday Homeschool Follow Up!

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To kick it off, I'll show you what a typical day looks like for us. Keep in mind that this is the ideal that happens on a perfect day when everyone is in a fantastic mood... Which is rare, but it's still the basic goal. A more realistic day consists of pouting, complaining, the occasional tantrum, and some giggles and smiles thrown in throughout. But it's worth it to see him confidently read a sentence or write "Kender loves Mom and Dad" on his worksheets without any prompting 😍

And In the evenings, we enjoy reading a few books together before bed.

We are taking Fridays off because we are both usually pretty burnt out by then, and it's more of a battle to get Kender to do things in a reasonably timely manner with a somewhat cheerful attitude. For us, it's not worth the frustration. We get plenty done Monday through Thursday, and it's nice for both of us to take that extra day to recharge and come back ready for some learnin'.

He's crazy excited about using his big boy potty and wearing his brother's undies lol

Rhett is getting more interested in doing school with Kender and I. It's super cute, but challenging too. He really likes to interrupt and grab and color on all of Kender's pages. Fortunately Kender is ok with it, but I have to admit, it's totally annoying. Good thing he's super adorable.

Kender finished the Good and the Beautiful level K primer (yay!) so we will be finishing the book Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons before moving on to TGTB Level K curriculum (which is equivalent to public school 1st grade). Homeschooling is a difficult journey, but it's also really fun and SO rewarding. I'm really grateful that we are in a position where I'm able to homeschool our boys. It's not perfect, but we learn and grow together every day.

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