Family Reunion in Vegas 2018

We got back Friday from our 7 day trip to Las Vegas! We drove to Boise the first day, hung out with friends in Boise the second day, drove to Vegas the third day, enjoyed family and explored the 4th and 5th day, and drove like heck the 6th and 7th days! I learned something on this trip. Driving 1200 miles in two days with young kids is not super fun. Google says the drive is 9.5 hours each day, but with kids it ends up being more like 12 hours each day with all the stopping for pee time and play time. They were actually really good little road trippers, but 4 days of 12 hours each in the car had me going INSANE!

Google Photos put this little number together for me and I think it's so funny!

I'm glad we got to stop in Boise on the way there and back. It was so great to visit our friends Chris and Kayla! We always love getting to see them. Technically we stayed with my sister in Henderson Nevada, not Vegas. Our first day there we spend most of our time recovering from our road trip, but in the evening we went to a sweet trampoline park for my nephew Wyatt's birthday. That place was SO fun! We took a ton of videos. These cousins had tons of fun together 💓

The next day we actually drove to Vegas and explored a little bit of the strip. First was the Bellagio Gardens. I've been a couple times, but it was Ryan and the boy's first time. They enjoyed it a lot! Sorry some of the photos are fuzzy... those are the ones I stole from my mom off of Facebook 😁

Next we walked over to Hershey World... We got a little turned around and crossed the street a lot more than we needed to, so the trip there was a lot longer than the trip back. But I think Kender thought it was worth it.

Next was M&M World. There was a lot more to take pictures of there! They are both pretty cool places, but all in all it's just a bunch of overpriced candy. The kids seemed to enjoy it though, and that's what matters!

After M&M World, we stopped at a food court for lunch. Vegas is pretty much full of overpriced food. Ryan and I aren't really city people (but we can appreciate the beauty of it), so the highlight for us was definitely visiting with family.

Rhett was exhausted after being pushed in his stroller through crowds for several hours. All the grown ups passed out as soon as we got home too.

I found this gem on Ryan's phone. He always thinks to take cute pictures like this in random places, like gas stations. He's definitely been the photographer in the family lately.

We hit some unexpected snow on the way home! From Ontario to Pendleton, which took about 3 hours because not only was it dark, but we were driving through a blizzard! It was nuts, and it gave our car an ice beard. Poor Elantra...

Being on the road for so long was hard, but it was really nice to see family that we don't see often. I hadn't seen my brother in 5 years!! And it's always nice to see my parents ❤️ Love you guys.

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  1. It was wonderful to see you and your family! I’ve never seen an ice beard. That must have been some storm. Very thankful you made it home safe. It was long but worth it! Love you all and love this blog!! You have an amazing family!