Motherhood Round 3 (We're having another baby!)

Guess what? I'm pregnant again! Which means these goof balls will be getting a new partner in crime... Baby #3 will be making his/her appearance in October 2018. Lets do this 👊

So far in my first trimester, I've been pretty sick. I'm actually doing well now, but the first couple months there was a lot of nausea and laying in bed to avoid throwing up. I drool like a St. Bernard, and I bawl like a baby during every Disney movie no matter how many times the boys watch them (especially Cars 3... It's just so special!). And those aren't even the gross pregnancy symptoms lol, but I'll spare you the details on the rest. 😂

I had my first appointment with my midwife today and I was super nervous when I walked in because of my recent miscarriage. So much so that I burst into tears as soon as she closed the door! I was pretty embarrassed, but she let me hear our baby's heartbeat right away to ease my mind. That strong little heartbeat was everything I needed. It was magical 💗

Photo by Sarah Richter on Pixabay

This is my first time using a midwife and so far I love it! She spent an hour and a half with me at my appointment today just getting to know me... I've never gotten that kind of attention during prenatal care! I didn't feel rushed, and I felt like she genuinely cared for me. She actually made me feel comfortable while she drew my blood... I didn't think that was possible. Their goal is to build a real relationship with their clients, and it really felt like I was chatting with a friend. She even gave me a big hug when I left! And the rooms at the birth center... Oh man. They look like a hotel! I am SOOOO excited to not have to be hooked up to an IV the whole time I'm trying to give birth. It's gonna be a completely different experience. Now fingers crossed all goes well so I can actually give birth there. Keep us in your prayers! 💗


  1. Congrats! I loved using a midwife, and I felt the same way going to my first appt post-miscarriage. Best wishes and lots of prayers to you!

  2. Congrats! So excited for you, Ryan, and boys!! 🙏