Snow Days, Snuggles, School, & Progress

February was a busy month for us (at least that's how it felt). Ryan went snowmobiling in Canada and explored this cool ice cave. I've been sick a lot of this month, so being home with the boys while Ryan was gone for 4 days was rough, but we survived. He got some great pictures! He's a lot better about that than I am lately. But there are a lot of them so I'll just share a couple of my favorites.

This isn't Canada. This is the snow back in Washington!

While the guys were in Canada, we got plenty of snow at home too. We enjoyed the snow days, but I'm ready for spring now. You hear that Mother Nature!? Bring on Spring!!

Rhett is a HUGE Momma's boy. Every morning he wakes up early, usually around 5. Ryan or I will typically let him out of bed, get him set up with a drink, a show, some gram crackers, and a diaper change, and then come back to bed. He's good for about 45 minutes, then he comes into our room and climbs into bed next to me and snuggles. He is such a sweet little man. Try to ignore my bulging veins in this picture and appreciate the cuteness of the moment.

Sadie likes to sleep like a person. And she likes to do it on Ryan's side of the bed 😂. Once when Ryan was working the night shift, she slept like this and I rolled over and snuggled her. I totally thought she was Ryan lol.

Ryan and Kender took a visit to the dentist yesterday. No cavities to report, and Kender loves our dentist! He gets his teeth cleaned like a pro.

We went to McDonnald's with a friend who clued us in on the free kid's cone. That was a win! 😁

I posted a little on my Instagram about how we started using more incentives with our schooling. It has helped A TON. Kender used to complain about every little thing and pout if he made a mistake, but now he's so focused on earning his stickers and "fluffies" he blows through his work without a single complaint! And when he's all done he cashes in those fluffies for a special treat (his current favorite is Mike & Ikes). A huge thanks to Mikael from Monson Schoolhouse for sharing that tip.

And here is the latest progress on our house. All framed and getting that roof done! The plumber can't make it out until the end of March, so that's a bummer but all things considered it's moving along pretty quickly!

And here's this, just for giggles: 😄

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