A Sunflower for Spring: My First Timelapse Drawing on my Surface Book 2

Some of you already know this, but I'm an artist at heart. I've always gravitated towards art, and I've been drawing since I was two. Pencils have always been my tool of choice, but in recent years I've been fascinated by digital art.

sunflower digital painting

Usually I have creative "spurts" and I'll draw a lot all at once and then I'm satisfied for a while. I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or what, but I've got that creative urge again! And I've finally figured out how to use this fancy new computer of mine for digital painting. I'm REALLY excited about it! 😃

I think choosing the right software was the hardest part. My hardware is powerful and built for artists, but there are not many drawing apps available for Windows. I'd love to get my hands on the Procreate app because I've heard only great things about it, but unfortunately I'm not an Apple gal anymore. Maybe someday they will branch out for Android and Windows.

Finding the Right Drawing App for Windows 10

Photoshop was my first choice, but I like to draw in tablet mode and that's where things got tricky for me. If I wanted to zoom on my tablet and draw while zoomed in, I had to hold down the button on my pen while drawing... and that was not a natural feeling lol. I'm sure there's some setting somewhere that might be able to fix that issue, but overall I wanted a more tablet-friendly UI.

After lots of research, I settled on Sketchable. It's a simple and powerful drawing app built with Surface tablets in mind. I had to pay $20 to unlock some of the simpler features like brush size and layers, but it was totally worth it. It provides a very natural drawing experience, and the tools and layout are easy to figure out.

Here's my first digital painting using my Microsoft Surface Book 2 and Surface pen. I hope you enjoy it!

Making this time-lapse video was kind of a pain too... I'd love a drawing app that has the time-lapse feature built right in. I know Autodesk Sketchbook is another really good app, but the time-lapse recording feature is only available for mobile on Android and IOS, not Windows. Hopefully some day!

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