Babies, Threenagers, House Plans, and Hide Yo Chickens

I'm 13 weeks pregnant now, and baby seems to be doing well! The nausea and fatigue have passed for the most part. Now the worst thing is the heartburn! But it's so worth it ❤️ I can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl! 

Rhett has been such a "threenager" lately. He's stopped napping, and I think that's a big part of his attitude problem. But if I let him nap, he can't fall asleep at night!! So for now we just deal with our moody little Rhett until he adjusts.

Sometimes he still passes out in his lunch lol...

We get Rhett's blood drawn every year to make sure his iron levels are good, and today was the big day. If I tell him we are going to the doctor, he won't get in the car... So I may have told him we were going to the dollar store to pick out a new toy, and we had to make one little stop on the way. He was really excited until we arrived at the doctor's office. He's way too smart... He cried before we even got through the lab door. Sobbing screams of, "No I don't want to!!!"

He sat in my lap the whole time, and he got a lollipop and lots of stickers, so he forgave everyone for torturing him and was a super happy boy after picking out his new trucks from the dollar store. I waited until my first trimester was done before I took him because I was afraid he'd never forgive me and I couldn't handle it emotionally! But all is well and I'm still his favorite 😁

Impromptu naps with my little teddy bear 💗

We met with our electrician today to talk about where to put lights in our new house. It was a little overwhelming at first because I know nothing about house guts and where things should go, but all that planning also got me really excited!

We decided to do away with our island in the kitchen so we have more room for a big kitchen table. We planned where to have a little "mud room" in the garage. We talked about where beds and TV's will go, what kinds of lights to put in rooms and closets, and where to put a grill. I still can't believe we are building our very own home! Sometimes the waiting is hard, but seeing a little bit of progress each time I visit is always so encouraging and exciting! The electrician will work for a couple weeks, concrete guys will come finish pouring our front & back porch, and then it's sheet rock time!! It's happening!!

Have you heard of bath crayons? They are the coolest things! We tried to make them a couple years ago, but they didn't turn out. I had no idea you could just buy them! We got these at Walmart, but I found a better deal on Amazon. It comes with more crayons, bath markers, and bath toys!

Kender HATES coloring and drawing lately, so it's nice that he will actually use these things to be creative. They are super easy to clean up too. I just have Kender wipe down the walls with a wet washcloth when he is done and we are good to go 👍

To end this post, I give you a few more cute photos:

He wanted me to show him how to hold Roxy. He did awesome! And she looks so huge in his arms!

Cute little trouble maker 💗

Want to know why she looks so guilty and exhausted? She went over to play with a doggy friend who lives on a farm and she caught a chicken who then had to be put down. She's the most gentle and sweet dog... But hide your chickens. 😨

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