Beach Shenanigans

Today it's beautiful and sunny, and this week it's even supposed to get up to 75 degrees! This week would have been a much better week to go to the beach, but we just had to get there last week, when it was still ice cold. At least it was sunny though! As you can see, my boys are wearing jeans because I didn't anticipate anyone wanting to get in the water. I was wearing two jackets and was still chilly, but it didn't phase them at all!

Cue next photo...

Into the water they went! They didn't care one bit how cold it was. They were at the beach, and they were gonna make the most of it. I admire them for their bravery and sense of adventure 💗

Gotta Love That Van

When we got our van, Ryan also got some rubber floor mats to go with it. I'm REALLY glad he did. We've only had the thing for a week, and it's already filled with beach sand. But at least I know it's easier to clean out now!

Did I mention I made the boys drive home with no pants on? Here's the proof.

I was super frustrated with them for getting their clothes all wet since I didn't have anything to change them into, but I'm really glad I stopped to snap this picture. I think it's pretty precious lol. Rhett is pouty because I made him stop playing, took off his pants, and made him get in the van. Kender is totally content because the van had enough room for him to take off his pants in complete privacy.

On the drive home they were freezing but I was hot in my two jackets so I got to play around with the van's dual climate feature! I made it nice and warm in the back for the boys, and nice and cool for me in the front. It was pretty snazzy!

I Adore These Boys

I love my job. I get to be not only a mom, but a teacher, homemaker, photographer, writer, artist, cheerleader, gardener, chef, personal shopper, and more. Now if only it was a paying job 😄

These sweet boys are my world, and I count myself so lucky to be their mom. That I get to spend every day with them, and just be in their company and soak up their light. I consider it a privilege to be able to stay home with them and teach them and learn with them. We have our struggles, but it's so worth it 💗

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  1. Beach looks like fun. You’re a really cool Mom who gets paid millions in blessings.....every moment of every day. Thanks for sharing❤️❤️❤️