#BecauseofHim (Easter 2018)

This year for Easter we did the same typical stuff (Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets and all that) with a few little changes. I tried to focus more on Christ than on the bunny, and I think it went over really well! Last year I bought a pre-made Easter basket from Walmart, which they played with for 5 minutes and swiftly forgot about. This year I actually did some research and got some ideas for how to have a Christ-Centered Easter, and how to make it fun.

We dyed Easter eggs Saturday while we watched General Conference. I mentioned on my Instagram that Kender wasn't super thrilled, but Rhett LOVED it! This was his first Easter where he really got excited about things, so that was really fun for me.

First thing Sunday morning, we did a scavenger hunt that I printed from The Happy Home Fairy (it's free and super cute). They followed all the clues and the last one had the location of their Easter baskets. Kender really enjoyed that! Rhett didn't really know what was going on haha.

Inside their Easter baskets, in addition to the candy, I gave them both "children's prayer books" and cute little stuffed lamb toys. All of which I got at the Dollar Tree, including the cute baskets. To my surprise, they loved it! They both cuddled those cute little lambs and were excited about those books (and the candy of course)! I also printed some cute little scripture cards from OhAmanda (also free).

I love that Conference and Easter fell on the same day this year. It's always so wonderful to be spiritually fed by our prophet and apostles, and I feel like it just made Easter really special this year.

Rhett isn't Rhett without food on his face lol

After all our Easter festivities, we had a nice salmon dinner with Nana and Grandpa and the boys very loudly played with all the Easter eggs until it was time to wind down for bed. I thought it was a pretty special day - hopefully the boys did too!

This video has me in tears every time I watch it. I'm so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ 💗

Happy Easter!