House Updates: April 2018

Progress on Our House

Our house is really coming along, and the progress is so exciting! The concrete guys finally poured our porches and the insulation guys finished up yesterday. Paul and Ryan are working hard the next few days on some big drainage thing we have to have outside and installing our doors. Ryan took some really good panorama shots yesterday:

Now that's a house right there!

While the guys were hard at work, the boys and I enjoyed the sunshine and played in the huge piles of dirt.

After the insulation and framing inspections, the sheet rock goes in. That's supposed to take a few weeks, but once that's done I think the next job is paint! And at some point the house will get some siding and stone work, and on the inside Ryan will install our floors. Then we need the cabinets installed too! And Ryan's wood stove... But I'm not sure at what point that goes in.

I still can't believe we get to build a house... I'm feeling incredibly blessed and grateful for the people in our lives who have helped make it happen. We definitely couldn't do any of this without Paul! It's nice to have a general contractor in the family, and it's nice that he and Ryan have so much experience with dirt work and construction stuff so they can do a lot of the work themselves. I haven't contributed much at this point haha. But Ryan has already assigned me the task of helping paint. Now I just have to make sure that's safe to do during pregnancy!

Pregnancy Updates

Speaking of pregnancy, I think I'm having quadruplets. I'm kind of huge for 15 weeks. My next appointment is May 7th, and I'm curious to hear what my midwife thinks about it! Realistically it's probably either that I'm having another big baby, I'm just taking in a lot of calories, or I'm having twins...

More Beach Fun

We headed to the beach again a couple days ago to try and take advantage of all the sunshine, but we did not anticipate the wind... So it was rather cold. But that didn't stop the boys! This time we came prepared with swim clothes, towels, and extra clothes. We ended up on the rocky part of the beach to avoid the wind, and the tide came in really fast and washed away half our toys. But we saved the shoes!

Hopefully next time the inside will look different enough for me to post pictures of it!

This post has pictures from back when we were pouring out foundation if you really want to get a feel for how far we've come!

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