My Boys and Their Dog

Sadie has been on my mind a lot today. My sister-in-law Melissa just got some new baby chickens and we were talking about how their biggest predator is probably Sadie haha. We do our best to keep her on a leash, but pray for the chickens just in case!

We took these pictures a couple weeks ago on a rainy day. When we first got Sadie, she was scared of my camera, but now she's pretty photogenic! And of course the boys always want to join in on the picture taking fun 😁 Prepare yourself for some dog and boy cuteness!

Perfectly Imperfect Pup

Sadie isn't perfect. She catches chickens, bunnies, and sometimes even deer. Occasionally she will have an accident in the house. She gets easily overexcited when meeting new people or dogs. She sometimes jumps and pulls when we go on walks. But when she's inside our home with our little boys, she is the most loving and gentle dog who loves nothing more than to play and snuggle. That's what matters most to us - the way she is around our children. She loves them, and although she's ridiculously friendly, I know she would protect them.

Scaredy Dog

Sadie is terrified of nail trims. We've been taking her to the vet for a while so she can be sedated just so they can clip her nails. Pretty ridiculous right? We bought a Dremel off of Amazon hoping that be a little easier on her (and easier for us not having to worry about clipping her quick in the struggle!) but haven't tried it yet. Does anyone have any tips for filing a big strong scaredy dog's nails!? Please and thank you 😁

My Sweet Rhetty Boy

Rhett is growing up so fast... He's already three! He's a stubborn, silly little sweetheart. He's so different from his big brother. Kender was excited about potty training and becoming a big boy, and gave up his binky fairly easily. Rhett on the other hand, has no interest in potty training or giving up his binky. He's determined to be my baby forever! I'm sure being around his new baby brother or sister will show him what a big boy he really is. Maybe that will get him a little more interested in using the potty! A mom can dream right?

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