Why I Love Time-lapse Drawing Videos: Fascination, Relaxation,Learning, & Inspiration

Reason #1: They are Fascinating.

I came across my first time-lapse drawing video on YouTube a few years ago and was immediately captivated. There is something so fascinating about seeing a piece of artwork come to life. And put that process to awesome music and it's a recipe for pure bliss. Some of my favorite videos to watch are from ThePortraitArt's YouTube channel. He does some amazing work!

bleeding hearts digital painting

Reason #2: They are Relaxing

If the video was put to heavy metal music it might not be so relaxing, but I love when there is something classical in the background. I chose to use Debussy's Clair De Lune for my most recent video, and I've watched it myself over and over... It's just so relaxing! I was excited to finish this painting because I first tried to make a drawing video of the process of drawing this flower a couple years ago, but I didn't have any of the right equipment and I just ended up getting frustrated. I was using pastels, which I have very little experience with, and was trying to record with my phone. It just didn't work lol. This was a quick painting that only took me an hour (I'm definitely a digital art fan), but I love that I can go back and review the whole process in just a few minutes.

Reason #3: They help me learn.

I used to really struggle with tunnel vision when drawing. I could only focus on small sections of each piece at a time, and when I'd finish and look back at the whole picture, it would look odd... Studying these timelapse videos helped me see other artists processes and styles and learn for myself how to see the drawing as a whole.

Reason #4: They inspire me.

This is my favorite reason. They just make me want to draw more. To improve my skills. To make more videos. To be more creative. Creativity is really therapeutic for me. After my miscarriage, I started a journal that I called "Creative Healing" where I wrote and sketched my feelings every day. The emotional healing that came from that process was priceless for me.

My biggest reason for making these videos is simply that I enjoy doing it. I hope that by sharing them I can fascinate, relax, teach, or inspire someone else ♡

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