Baby Updates and an Afternoon Out

Baby Updates

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After much thought, I've decided to switch from midwives to an OB. The whole midwife thing ended up being different than I thought it would be, and I just already know the drill when it comes to OB's and hospital births. I'm not brave enough to NOT have a hospital birth I guess haha. I've never had an epidural, but it's not because I'm against them - I'm just scared of the giant needle going into my back and having to stay completely still while in immense pain! Although being in a hospital means I'll have to be constantly monitored and hooked up to an IV, at least if anything goes wrong we will be in the right place. And I'm a big scaredy pants who thinks about every possible thing that could go wrong. For example, when the plan was to have the baby with the midwives, my big fear was being too far away from the hospital if something went wrong and then things going even wrong-er...
I did have my appointment with the midwives on Monday and we listened to the baby's heartbeat. Everything is still good! I've got my ultrasound on May 29th, and I'm super excited to find out if we are having a boy or a girl! I can't believe I'm almost 20 weeks already... My first OB appointment is on June 5th.

Lunch Date and Waterfront Park

I've been super irritable today (thanks hormones) so after school we headed to McDonnald's to get out of the house. After lunch we ended up playing at the Waterfront Park for a bit. I really like it there. It has a really cool playground, and the boys love exploring and finding crabs too. Being out and about helped my mood a bit, but then we got home and there were more tantrums and my patience left the building again. It was not my best momming day, but I did get some cute pictures so at least something productive came of it.

First everyone was too excited and I kept getting pictures like this because Kender would stand up right as I'd squat down to take his picture (And I've got a belly now so I'm a slow squatter). This would be an awesome shot if his head were actually in it!

And then he got frustrated with me for making him stay still so I could get some pictures...

But eventually they slowed down a little and I caught them in their crab-finding zone.

Can you find the crab in this next picture? There's actually 3 but only one is in focus.

How about now?

After this picture Kender freaked out because he didn't mean to actually touch it haha. He just wanted to help me see where it was. It's little face is kind of cute!

Today was one of those days where my boys drove me CrAzY, but then I look at these pictures and melt a little. They are so precious, and they are mine. Ryan sent me this picture the other day:

Jeff & Randi on K-Love

I loved it. It was a reminder I really needed!

My little people drive me nuts some days, but they are my little people. Their existence means I have a purpose. I have people to care for who love and need me. It means I have a full life <3

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