House Updates: May 2018 (and other sappy stuff)

Our house is looking more and more like a real house every day. Especially now that the sheet rock is in and the siding is going up. Ryan put in our septic tank today (it's a gravity system, which he's very proud of). I've been taking the boys there to just hang out and play in the big dirt piles while I walk through our future home and try to picture where things will go. It's surprisingly hard to do. I can't wait to actually start moving stuff in so I can see how it will actually fit!

Daddy & Kender working hard together. The boys worked so hard that they actually fell asleep at bedtime tonight! It was a miracle!

Taking turns helping Dad on the excavator

"Hi mom!"

This is one side of our living room where the media center (left) and wood stove (right) will go

This is the other side with the big picture window, which I love <3

This is the view of the kitchen and dining area when you're standing in the living room. It's all coming together!

And here are a couple shots from Family Home Evening (a Mormon way of saying Family Night) last night. This pregnancy has been a rough one hormonally speaking, and I turn into the Wicked Witch of the PNW anytime somebody breathes at me the wrong way, but believe me when I say that I am so grateful for this little family of mine. I'm so grateful that my body is healthy enough to bring babies into this world, and that I get to learn from and nurture these precious little spirits every day. And Ryan... I don't know what I'd do without him. He really is my best friend and better half, and the person I trust the most in this world. These people make me better, and I love them with my whole heart ♡


  1. bjtucker12205/15/2018 9:43 PM

    You home is beautiful. How wonderful and precious to build it together. Memories that your family will never forget. I’m looking forward to seeing it someday.

  2. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️ I can't wait for you to see it too!