Today the boys and I spent 3 hours at a new beach we hadn't explored before. We went with another homeschool family, and it was great to get to watch those 5 boys play together while the moms got to relax and chat. It was a smaller beach, so the boys automatically had to stay closer to us, which helped me be able to relax even more. I think 3 hours is the longest we've ever lasted at a beach! Kender said we beat our high score :D Unfortunately I didn't take a single picture today, but we are planning on getting together again next week so maybe I'll remember then.

This is my 19 week baby bump! I don't feel so huge anymore. I feel like I'm a pretty normal size for this stage. I think I spent my entire first trimester being super bloated, and now I definitely think it's just one baby. We find out for sure on the 29th!

Yesterday the boys and I picked flowers with their Aunt Melissa. It was nice to get out in the sunshine, and it was so cute to watch the boys help Melissa gather flowers for her project. And I ended up with a pretty great bouquet too!

Not all of these are from the yard... Some of them I swiped from Susan's Mother's Day bouquet lol. I can't believe they've lasted this long!

These are from my little back yard flower garden. I planted them all last year and they surprised me by coming back! I didn't realize most of them were there because the lupines got so huge, but once I realized they were trying to grow I pulled up all the lupines. We have more than enough of them this year!

Rhett picked this flower and put it in a "vase" all by himself! It's the perfect size <3

Yet another peaceful Rhett couch nap

I'm super tired from our beach day so I'm gonna end with a little inspirational reading for ya: Even As Christ Forgives, So Also Do Ye

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