Today was a Good Day

Today was a day for building forts.

I got to listen to these sweet boys sing hymns together while they built this fort, and then Kender made up a bed for Rhett inside and tried to sing him to sleep. It was a very precious start to our day ♡

Today was a day for making new friends, and playing hard.

After all the fort fun, we went to Ahoy Kitsap to play. Kender is an anxious boy, and he had a rough start (hit his head on the van side mirror and I accidentally closed his fingers in the van door and they were somehow completely unharmed) but he was excited to play. When we got there, he was a little nervous. I showed him a place where he could climb to the top of the jungle gym and observe everyone for a while, but when Rhett wanted to jump in the bouncy house he decided he wanted to go too. Then another little boy about his age climbed in and the two were inseparable for 2 hours!

For a while there was a 3rd little boy who played hide-and-seek tag with them, and it made my heart happy to see them having so much fun together. Just being kids and enjoying childhood. I let the boys play for 2 hours (until my baby belly decided it was too hungry for just almonds) and by then Kender was ready to go without a fight. He was so red-faced and sweaty! Rhett put up a fight though. He didn't want to stop driving his favorite red car that he'd driven most of the time we were there. He was so cute using his little feet to zoom around in that thing.

When we got home, I introduced Kender to Bill Nye the Science Guy. He's been interested in atoms after hearing about them from his cousin, so I found a Bill Nye video about them and we watched together. He loved it, and we giggled while learning a little bit about the basics of chemistry.

Today was a good day, and I wanted to remember it ♡

PS - How do you slam a kids fingers in a car door and they come out completely unharmed!? I was worried our day was ruined, but he cried for a second and we made sure nothing was broken and he was good to go. Heavenly Father was looking out for us today. Prayer works ♡


  1. bjtucker12205/19/2018 7:49 AM

    Absolutely prayer works! Sound like you had a lot of fun with your boys. That’s what is important in life. Enjoy it!!