Turn on Your Light + 5 Gratitudes

The other day I re-listened to the talk Turn on Your Light by Sharon Eubank. She talks about a lot of great stuff in there, but this really stood out to me:
Being happy doesn’t mean to slap a plastic smile on your face no matter what is going on. But it does mean keeping the laws of God and building and lifting others. When we build, when we lift the burden of others, it blesses our lives in ways our trials cannot take away. I have a quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley placed where I see it every day. He said: “You don’t … build out of pessimism or cynicism. You look with optimism, work with faith, and things happen.”

Pink Rose digital painting
A recent painting I did - The video is at the end of this post.

I'm totally guilty of slapping that plastic smile on my face and pretending nothing is going on. Sometimes it's just easier that way! But one thing that always helps me is making gratitude lists, and I think it's time for me to make another one (in no particular order).

Kender loves these chickens. I'm excited for us to have our own again someday.

So far they are all still alive! Fingers crossed it stays that way!

1. Our YMCA membership. I cancelled it last month to try and save some money and realized that it's vital to my sanity. We just can't do without it! I'm grateful for Ryan's job, and that we have the means for uplifting activities like the Y. But I did find some things that aren't essential for my sanity: Netflix and Spotify (because we already have Amazon Prime). So those went bye-bye. Money still saved!

2. My computer. This is going to sound weird, but I'm an artist who doesn't like getting my hands dirty. I enjoy drawing and painting but tend to be put off by them because they can be so messy... Even more so when the kids want to get involved. I'm grateful that I can paint on my computer without making a mess!

Can you see it!? I'm not sure if its a heron or crane or stork or whatever but it was SO close to us and it was SO COOL!!!

We went on a field trip to the Silverdale Waterfront Park the other day. I loved watching Kender overcome his fears and conquer this jungle gym and make some new friends.

3. My husband. He works crazy hard to give us a comfortable and happy life, and I'm so grateful not only for his work ethic, but for his desire to be a good provider. Because of him I can be home with my boys, a blessing that I cherish. He always makes sure we have what we need. He's crazy busy right now and we miss having him around more, but I know it's temporary. I'm grateful for that too!

4. My children. All of them. My two beautiful boys here on Earth, my baby up in Heaven, and the one currently in my belly. Kender and Rhett give me so much joy and purpose, Charlie taught me so much about myself, and our new baby gives me so much hope for the future.

5. My faith. I'm not always great about saying my prayers and reading my scriptures daily, but when I try my best I notice a huge difference. In my day, my attitude, my level of patience, and my overall capacity to serve those I love. Sometimes I need a little reminder that I can't do it alone. We aren't meant to do it alone. When we allow Heavenly Father to help us, we can be so much more than we can be on our own.

And here's another little painting video. I put this one to The Cello Song by the Piano Guys. I really enjoyed working it ♡

Here's the finished product again:

Dedicated to my mom, who recently lost her brother. RIP uncle George ♡


  1. bjtucker12205/05/2018 5:00 AM

    Thanks, April, for your encouraging post. It really lifts my spirit to read your testimony. Thank you for the beautiful rose and dedication❤️. You are multi-talented! And, I love seeing pics of you family!

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️