Just Another Week

This week I attempted to make a healthy pizza, Nie Nie style. It looks awesome right? And it was, until I realized I don't like anything whole wheat, and neither does anyone else in our family... So the whole wheat crust was a bust for us lol. But I'll try it again with white flour and see if we like that better. I have a feeling we will 😊

Kender and Rhett had a few sick days this week. It's always sad when they don't feel good, but it's also super precious ♡

See all those used tissues? I don't even mind that they are scattered everywhere. I'm just glad he's not using his shirt! I was trying to sneak a picture of him relaxing on the floor, but Rhett decided to jump on him to make him feel better (everyone loves being jumped on, right!?).

The rest of this week has been all about snuggling with our pets. Our usual loves, but also a new friend...

A cute little black cat showed up at our house a few days ago. He's super friendly and has melted all of our hearts. He's probably going to get fat because so far 3 neighbors (including us) are feeding him. We've put his info out there, but so far no one has claimed him. Maybe he will end up being the new neighborhood mouser!

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