Lessons From Weeks 1-3

The farther I get into this pregnancy, the more difficult pretty much everything gets. Right now my big challenges are bending over and getting back up after I sit on the ground. And I still have 2.5 months to go! But I chose to start schooling again now because I know as difficult as it may be with my pregnant body, it will be more difficult with a body that is recovering from childbirth, pumping every 2 hours, and juggling a newborn. We started early so we could take a 6 week break when the baby comes to just enjoy him. I want to take that time to focus on teaching my boys life lessons about family and taking care of a new baby. Bonding time. I know once he gets here I will be so glad we started early and planned for a break!

 Look at Sadie's face... That's how my face looks when I try to get up off the floor after a lesson lol 

Science: Safety Unit

We've officially got week 3 of school under our belts! Woohoo! We've all got the hang of things now, and school goes pretty smoothly. So far we've had science lessons in fire safety, water & electricity safety, and earthquake safety. I learned that our current home is NOT ideal in case of an earthquake... We don't have a lot of storage space, so we've got toys and shelves and all kinds of hazards lining the walls. Pray there's no earthquake before we move haha.


In math we're covering some basic things that Kender already knows really well (counting and such) but we are also filling in some gaps. He's now a pro at tally marks and has been enjoying learning about probability, place value and graphing!


Preschool with Rhett is pretty laid back at this point. We use our Pre K curriculum from The Good and The Beautiful as a guide and go based on his interests. He loves music, so I try to make listening to phonics songs a priority to help him get a solid foundation for those letter sounds. We've been focusing heavily on the letters A - D the past 3 weeks. He LOVES getting one on one time to do school everyday, and I love how much he loves it!!

Language Arts

One thing I love about the Language Arts curriculum from The Good and The Beautiful is that it covers so many subjects in one. Every day we practice phonics, spelling, and sight words. Then we have a reading lesson that solidifies and compliments the things we practice daily. It also incorporates art appreciation, which I think is great! Kender reads sentences pretty well now, but we are still working on building his confidence.


Speaking of confidence, Kender has made SO MUCH progress with his handwriting! I'm just in awe of how far he's come in the past 3 weeks. He used to dread handwriting and just do each worksheet as quickly as he could to get it done and scribble on the coloring portion and count that as good. Now he takes his time to make sure he's forming his letters well, and he has no problem practicing the letters that he struggles with. And when he gets down to the coloring/drawing portion he takes at least 30 minutes to create a beautiful work of art! I used to color with him to help him slow down and enjoy it, but now he likes to do it on his own. I was so worried about handwriting last year, and the progress he's made is an answer to my prayers. I'm so proud of him!

Heavenly Help

I can't deny how much the Lord is helping me right now. Holding down the fort while Ryan works so much is not an easy task, especially with my big pregnant belly. He works on the house and his cop job and side job. He is busy! But I know the Lord is walking beside me and even carrying me at times. Every day we manage to get done all the things that we need to, no matter how exhausted I feel. Granted, sometimes the dishes pile up or the vacuuming takes a backseat to other things for a while... But the things that truly matter get done. My patience has increased tenfold and although the boys and I are together 24/7, we honestly enjoy being together. They are my best little buddies and bring me so much joy.

Family Fun

Somehow Ryan and I have still managed to make time for some family fun even thought we've been crazy busy. This week we played the Pie in the Face game and tiny Jenga! Our house is coming along beautifully! Although this is an insanely busy time in our lives, I feel so incredibly blessed.


I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The church recently released a new narrative history called Saints, and it is incredible! It tells the full story of Joseph Smith, and how our church came to be. It includes a lot of interesting details that I never knew about before. The website has a ton of companion materials, including videos and an extensive works cited page. History has never been so interesting for me. I felt the spirit so strongly as I read, and I can't wait for volume II!

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