Why We Homeschool

A question people tend to ask is “why did you decide to homeschool?” I always give the short answer, which is that we love the flexibility, and it works well with my husband’s schedule. The truth though, is that people usually choose to homeschool for more than just one reason. Sometimes there are A LOT of reasons. I just wanted to get mine written down for future reference. I recently watched a video by Ashlee from Grace and Grit. She split up her reasons for homeschooling into two groups: Why she started, and why she continues. I think that makes a lot of sense! I’m gonna follow the same format here.

Why We Started Homeschooling

I felt a call to Homeschool. Even before my oldest was school aged, Ryan and I were throwing the idea around. I wasn’t confident in my abilities though, and I wasn’t sure I could do it. I was afraid of doing it wrong and messing him up, and I didn’t think I could handle spending all day with my strong-willed boy for much longer… We ended up sending him to preschool for one year, then homeschooling pre K. He enjoyed preschool, but homeschooling ended up being a lot cheaper so that’s why we first tried it. We loved homeschool, but I thought it would be nice to have that 6 hour break you get with public school. So we sent my son to kindergarten.

He went for a week, and it just felt wrong. He’s still so young! He was not emotionally ready to be away from home for 6 hours a day, and I was not ready to be away from him either. We hated it. Maybe if half day Kindergarten were an option in our area things would have been different, but we couldn’t stand all day. Homeschooling brought us peace during a very stressful time of transition in our lives.

Why We Continue Homeschooling

This part is easiest said in bullet points, so here we go!
  • I still feel that call. My husband feels it for his police work, and I’ve always respected it but didn’t truly understand it until I felt it for homeschool. I feel strongly that this is what Heavenly Father needs us to do right now.
  • Flexibility with Ryan’s crazy cop schedule (more family time!)
  • Each child can go at their own pace, whether that be faster or slower than their assigned “grade level”
  • Freedom to choose whatever curriculum I feel is best
  • I enjoy teaching my boys, witnessing their individual growth and learning, and planning their lessons
  • I like my boys and I like spending quality time with them and being around them all day
  • Helping my boys develop a strong testimony of Christ from a young age
  • Preserving their innocence and protect them physically and emotionally
  • Freedom to teach them about sensitive subjects (sex, gay marriage, drugs, violence, etc) in a safe and loving environment, at the time when I feel they are developmentally ready

I think that covers most of it. If anyone out there reads this, please remember that these are my own experiences and opinions. They apply to me and my family, not you and yours. We all have to do what we feel is best for ourselves and our families, and I only speak for myself!

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