Ryan's Birthday and Moving Day!

Our house is finally done and we are moving in tomorrow! It still doesn't feel real... I think once we spend our first night there it might 😃

Monday was Ryan's birthday, and he decided he wanted to spend the day with me! It's been such a busy year that we've been putting regular dates on the back burner. It was really nice to hang out all day just the 2 of us. First we went to my OB appointment where my doctor declared me full term and commented on how very healthy I am. That was great to hear because I feel like I'm dying half the time... I'm so incredibly uncomfortable!

See how there's only half a cake here? That's because he cut it and served it to everyone before we had a chance to sing to him. I'm so lucky he's mine ❤️

After my appointment we headed to Red Robin for lunch. Those burgers are amaaaaaaazing! Then we did some shopping for the kids and house, and when we got home Ryan went out and got himself an ice cream cake to share with everyone. Is he a good sport or what?

Featured below are the cutest little animal lovers you've ever seen! And one very pregnant lady who opted to take a selfie from a more flattering angle. Now I'm off to bed so I can (hopefully) have plenty of energy for packing and moving tomorrow!

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