Sciatica & Pregnancy Photos

This has by far been my most uncomfortable pregnancy. Seriously, this baby is gonna have to be REALLY cute to make me want to do this again. 1st trimester it was the nausea, 2nd trimester it was the bronchitis, and now 3rd trimester its the sciatica and pressure in my pelvis. So I haven't been quite as diligent this time around at taking "bumpies" as I have with past pregnancies, but I did manage to find a picture from pretty much every stage.

One of my favorite pictures of Ryan & I

Some of them aren't the most flattering, but just focus on the baby bump ok? Here we go!









I'm in bed a lot these days fighting off the pain so there probably won't be many more pictures until baby arrives. He's due October 15th! That means I have 5 more weeks of nerve pain... yikes. And despite my best efforts not to complain, I end up complaining a lot. 

Even though it can be really hard to see it right now, I do have a lot to be grateful for. I have 2 (almost 3) healthy, sweet, precious, and beautiful boys who love me. I have a husband who is carrying a ridiculous load right now, but he does it with grace. He's such a good example to me, and he always takes such good care of our family. It's hard feeling like such an invalid right now, and I can't wait to be the wife, mom, and teacher I want to be again. Until then, prayers are welcome and appreciated!

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