Getting Settled in Our New Home

We are officially all moved in to our new house! It feels like a dream. This is literally our custom dream home. It's the perfect size for us, it's gorgeous, and we've got lots of land to play with. It's starting to sink in, but I still can't believe it sometimes. It took a lot of hard work and a lot of patience, but we feel so incredibly blessed to be where we are now. After almost 8 years of marriage, we built our first home! I can't wait for all the years of memories we get to make in this beautiful house.

The finished product:

Moving in:

My due date is Monday the 15th and up until this point I was sure the baby would come early. My sweet in-laws worked so hard to help us move in because I was in so much pain from sciatica and pelvic pressure that I couldn't do much for long, but then once we got all our stuff over here I began hyper nesting. All our stuff was here, so I didn't care if I kick started my labor, I wanted to unpack and organize and decorate everything! So I sucked it up and worked through the pain. You know what happened? Nothing. I did not go into labor. In fact, the baby somehow got higher and the sciatica and pelvic pressure got better. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm more comfortable now than I have been my entire pregnancy. Hopefully that's a good sign for labor and delivery! My OB and I think this is going to be another big baby.

Organizing the schoolroom/guestroom:

Took a break for a friend's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese:

Rhett wasn't into it... But when we got home he kept saying "I LOVE Chuck E Cheese!" 

Kender was totally into it 😍 

Enjoying our new home:

And sugar cookies 😁:

They turned out way better than expected. They even taste amazing.

Now that we've got all of our stuff put away for the most part, the decorating fun can begin! I've got some cute pillows and curtains on the way and I can't wait! We've been figuring out the fun process of getting Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS so deliver packages to new construction so that's been interesting. A couple drivers took the time to follow our directions and deliver our stuff, but the rest either returned the package to the sender or left it at the post office. It's really not hard to find our house... We just need to get on Google Maps so people don't panic lol. Last but not least, here's me at 39 weeks:

PS - I just realized I've got my moody face on in all these pictures. I promise, I'm ecstatic. I'm just also very pregnant and tired lol.

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