“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” —Jill Churchill

Halloween 2018

For Halloween this year, Kender wanted to be a ninja. We bought him a really sweet costume from Costco, but it was too small and by the time we returned it, there were zero ninja costumes left. So we began searching far and wide for the perfect costume.

We ended up finding one Kender approved of on Amazon, and we got some swords to go with it from the Halloween Store. He loved it, and he looked pretty great.

Rhett was bored of his fireman costume by the time Halloween rolled around, and we couldn't convince him to wear his hat, but he was still the cutest little fire fighter ever. Ryan was Captain America again, and I was just Halloween festive, because none of my costumes fit postpartum.

Kender, Rhett, Ryan, and I went tick or treating downtown while Mason stayed at Nana's house. After that we grabbed some dinner and headed back to Nana's. Rhett was done, so Ryan took Kender and they had some one on one trick or treating fun. First to the trunk or treat at our church, then around the neighborhood. They came home with candy galore!


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