High Fevers and Unique Christmas Ornaments

This morning while I was on a much needed grocery shopping trip, Kender's temperature shot up to 104. His temperature always goes up so high so fast when he gets sick. Ryan gave him Tylenol, and when I got home he was touching a cold pack to his body to cool him down. I'll admit, it scared me a bit... After about half an hour his fever started coming down, but it stayed around 100-101 most of the day. I'm so, so glad he's grown out of his febrile seizures, or today would have been a lot more stressful!

Rhett wanted to join the snuggle party once he saw that Kender was resting in our bed (The Lego Ninjago Movie is awesome by the way). 

Even though he had a fever all day, he was still such a good sport. He insisted on having popcorn because he thought it would help his sore throat. I'm pretty sure it didn't help, but he somehow managed to eat half the bowl. He even felt up to making Christmas ornaments with me! We used Crayola Model Magic clay. It was the first time we've used it, and the boys loved it. We got it from Walmart.

We've got some awesomely unique ornaments! I think the rock with googly eyes (by Rhett) is my favorite 😄 

Rhett and Mason seem to be on the mend, so that's great! Here's a picture of Mason yesterday:

Poor baby got the blisters all over his face 😢 

And here's our little Christmas Elf today! He's such a happy baby, even when he's sick ❤️

I've been listening to some General Conference talks on motherhood lately. Here are a few of my favorites:

Because She is a Mother by Jeffrey R. Holland

Are We Not All Mothers by Sheri L. Dew

Mothers Who Know by Julie B. Beck

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