#LightTheWorld 2018

Every December, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints encourages it's members to Light The World by serving one another in various ways. This week's theme is Light Your Family, and the goal is to serve your family members. I haven't been doing much of that, but Ryan... Wow. Right now Kender, Rhett and I are all sick. He's been getting zero help from me and he's been taking care of all of us plus taking care of all my usual responsibilities around the house. Our anniversary is on Tuesday, and I hope I'm better by then so I can finally give him a break!

Ryan's mom wanted to help the boys remember the true meaning of Christmas, so she got them these nativity snow globes. The boys were so excited to open a gift early, and they love their snow globes! I love them too 💗

I'm finally on the tail end of this HFMD, but poor Rhett has blisters on his mouth an feet. He's such a tough boy. I can't wait until we're all 100% better. Miraculously, Mason is still healthy! Please pray he stays that way!!!

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