Beautiful Smiles from Beautiful Boys

Today was a rough day. Last night I attempted to go to bed early, but Mason and Rhett decided to wake me up every 1-2 hours. So, despite my attempt, today I was not chipper or productive.

I pictured myself like this:

Cinderella, singing while she cleans and all the birds and wildlife help her.

But the reality was more like this:

Beast, scowling at Bell for not being a cooporative captive.

This evening I wanted nothing more than to have some quiet alone time and go to sleep early, but Mason was fussy and not interested in going to sleep early. I was exhausted and moody, but then...

...He smiled at me. He cooed, and talked to me, and gave me the biggest, most beautiful smiles. I felt myself smile too, and suddenly things didn't seem so bad.

His beautiful face reminded me of how blessed I am. I have three beautiful, silly, wonderful boys who love me and need me. Hearing the words "Mom I'm hungry" 6,000 times a day wears on my nerves, but they are growing. They are healthy. We can provide for them, and we have the means to fill their bottomless pits for bellies. Things could be much, much worse.

My Gratefuls

I'm a big believer that having an attitude of gratitude contributes greatly to a person's happiness. I struggle with anxiety and depression (especially this time of year) so it's always a good idea for me to take a step back here and there to remind myself of all the good in my life:

  1. My husband. He works unbelievably hard for our family, and he never complains. He is loving, loyal, funny, generous, kind, and super duper dreamy. He's my very best friend, and the best father in the world. I adore that man.
  2. My boys. They always make me laugh, and they give my life meaning.
  3. Our home. After lots of patience and hard work, we built our dream home on 5 acres. I never dreamed I'd have so much.
  4. My Heavenly Father. He loves me even when I'm cranky, and stubborn, and mad at him for no reason. He loves me more than I can imagine, even when I fall short.

I got no sleep and none of the chores done that I wanted to, but life is good. Life is so, so good ❤


  1. I love you Super Mom!!

  2. Oh, those days when you THINK you're going to be so productive in the morning. Those are always the ones where you don't sleep and then you're a total waste of space the next day (except crabbier.) You have a great attitude about it, though!

  3. Thanks Jenny!! Writing about it helps me feel less crabby haha.


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