School, Bullet Journals, Canada, and My Precious Boys

School Update

We made a goal for 2019 that we wouldn't watch any tv or play any video games until after 3pm on school days. I thought it would be a pretty difficult transition since we had been binging on the tv because we were sick and it was Christmas time, but it's had an awesome unanticipated side affect - the boys are so bored that they beg me to do school! And there is no rushing through it because they can't turn on the tv until 3 anyway. It has worked out so much better than I could have imagined.

A handwriting page Kender completed a while back – I’m still amazed at the progress he’s made!

Rhett is so excited about his new curriculum that he insisted we do school on Saturday. Then he gave me a big hug when we were done. Today Kender told me about how he felt the Spirit while we were doing one of our lessons from the Old Testament (in our Ancient History study). These boys are developing a true love for learning, and as we study with Come Follow Me and The Good and The Beautiful, I'm seeing their testimonies grow as well. That, to me, is our greatest success.

Bullet Journal Probs

Remember how I was super excited after starting a bullet journal? Well, I've noticed a few problems with the analog system (for me personally). Mostly, I think of something I need to remember, and I run to my notebook to write it down only to find that I've forgotten it already... The nice thing about a digital system is that I can just grab my phone, which is usually always nearby, and tap it into a note before I forget. Also, it just takes a long time to write things down in general... I guess I'm just that lazy lol. I came across an article about how to use Evernote as a bullet journal, and I'm going to give that a try.

Snowmobiling in Canada

Ryan went snowmobiling in Canada on Saturday and while he was gone, I did some serious power cleaning. Kender and Rhett helped me by doing their Saturday chores. We made this place sparkle 😁

A picture Ryan took of the scenery up in Canada 

Rhett is Adorable.

He's so sweet and loving. Whenever Mason is in his bouncer, Rhett always sits in front of him and wraps his arms around him like he's holding him. He loves his baby brother so much, and it melts my heart! He recently turned 4, and I feel like he grew up over night. He says the funniest things now, and he has these detailed conversations with me that actualy make sense. He's still so snuggly. I hope he never grows out of that ♥️

He went to bed with this hat on tonight 😂 

Mason is starting to laugh more! Ryan and I got a few laughs out of him today and it was the best ♥️♥️♥️

 Rhett is a photographer now. Behold, the picture he took:

Not bad eh? 😉

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