Snowmageddon 2019

On Monday of last week, it started snowing. Forecasts were showing a winter storm and Wal-Mart was sporting empty shelves where the eggs and bread used to be. My sister sent me a funny meme about the impending "Seattle Snowmageddon," and said she was thinking of me.

Honestly I thought everyone was overreacting a little bit. I thought the snow was pretty, and we took Monday off from school so the boys could enjoy the snow (because I didn't think it would last long).

Here it is, 7 days later and it is STILL snowing. I'm glad Ryan went to the store and got eggs and bread before they ran out, and I'm glad he suited up and chopped firewood for us in the snow so that we could stay warm when the temperature dropped below 20. That man is my hero (and he's super dreamy).

Everyone else may be home from school, but not us.

I've got some hefty goals for us school-wise for the next few months, and I'll be darned if I let snowmageddon slow us down! Right now my main focus is getting Kender caught up (we took a break for a couple months last year when we moved and had a baby). He is making awesome progress with his reading, and if we stick to our schedule he will be on track to finish 1st grade by August 2019. I'm using Homeschool Planet to keep our lessons organized, and it is an amazing tool!

Rhett surprised me this week by learning to read. We've been working on letter sounds and sounding out words, but all of a sudden it just clicked and now he wants to read me Bob Books all the time! It's amazing to see the differences between our boys. It took me a long time to get Kender to start reading confidently, and a big part of that was my lack of confidence in my ability to teach him. I don't have that with Rhett, and it's made a huge difference!

Kender is very gifted with numbers, and math has come very easily to him so far. Rhett on the other hand keeps forgetting what the number 12 looks like... Every kid has their strengths and weaknesses, and each one learns at their own pace. I LOVE that I get to be on this learning journey with them. They are teaching me just as much as (if not more than) I'm teaching them. I'm eternally grateful for that.

All in all, I'd say our boys have thoroughly enjoyed the snow so far. They've vastly outgrown their snow gear, but we're making it work. Kender is somehow squeezing into 4T snow pants and wearing my snow boots. We're supposed to get quite a bit more snow over the next week, so I'm sure we'll all be pretty sick of it soon. My favorite part (aside from watching the boys have fun playing out in the snow) is when they come inside and cuddle up by the fire ❤


  1. Betty Tucker2/16/2019 5:03 AM

    Glad you are safe and warm. My peach tree is blooming. Don’t you miss Texas weather🥰

  2. I really do lol. Paul and Ryan dug out our driveway and road today so I can finally leave! 😁

  3. You are doing great work with the boys!

  4. Thanks Susan ❤️🥰