#BecauseOfHim (Easter 2019)

This year for Easter we had Ryan's sister Melissa and her family over for some Easter egg dying and hunting. But before we get to that, can we talk about how cute Mason is!? He is 6 months old and rolls from front to back and back to front. He has platinum blonde hair that is beginning to curl, and still has those big baby blue eyes. And his first tooth popped through this week! He is the cutest most happy little guy and he has us all wrapped around his cute little finger.

This post is mostly to share all the cool pictures we took today! As you can see, Kender was very excited for the festivities to begin. And Mason was very excited that mommy was taking his picture. Look at those eyes!! Oh, my heart 😍

Dying the eggs...

Melissa totally brought all the fun today. She brought a couple dozen hard-boiled eggs, dye kits, over 100 plastic eggs pre-stuffed with candy, and all those cute bunny masks. I just provided our house and some fake eggs for dying (which we discovered are not as cool as dying real eggs - thank goodness Melissa has chickens!). She even brought a special golden egg for each kid with their names on them that had money inside! I think she may be the actual Easter Bunny in disguise.

Can you tell the real eggs from the fake ones?

The hunt...

Those kids ran out the door so fast that I got exactly 2 pictures of them outside with their eggs. 

After the hunt...

Counting their eggs, and stuffing their faces with candy!


We love celebrating Easter because of the beginning of spring, the fun eggs, the candy, and the baskets, but I also try to help my boys understand why we really celebrate Easter - the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. All that we have is because of Him. To help them remember, I like to show them videos like this one:

Mason has a cold right now and Ryan is working tomorrow, so we are staying home from church. The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square put on a special Easter concert tonight and we missed it, so I plan on watching that with the boys tomorrow:

Happy Easter!

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