Life Update: Homeschool and Gardening

I'm super tired, so sorry if this post is all over the place. I just wanted to sit down, reflect, and share some pictures :)


We've managed to do school EVERY DAY this week! I know it's only Tuesday, but I still feel like it's a big win - mostly because I had the energy for it. It feels like the fog is starting to clear. I hope it continues!

It's always nice when we start up our lessons again after a break and we can pick up exactly where we left off. I think I have this irrational fear that if we take any breaks, my kids will regress and we'll have to start all over. But clearly that's not the case. Kender's reading and writing are still improving, and I'm always amazed at how quickly math clicks for him.

Rhett is being a little rebellious lately and refusing to do school, but I'm not worried about it. He's only 4, and has done way more than I expected him to at this point. He's been a whirlwind little prodigy, so it's actually kind of nice that he's taking a break so I can catch my breath! I did not intend to start Kindergarten with him this year, but he finished Pre-K early and really wanted to. I would be 100% happy if we just read Bob Books together until he turns 5.

Gardening Fun

The weather has been really nice lately (thank goodness spring is finally sticking around!) so we've been spending lots of time outside. I'm learning that I really love gardening. It's so therapeutic and relaxing! I remember as a kid I'd watch my mom work in her garden but I never really had the desire to help. Now I know what I was missing!

I remember thinking it was fun to sprout beans on my window with a paper towel and a plastic baggie, but that was the extent of my gardening experience. I'm glad Ryan had the desire to learn how to do it, and that his parents were there to show us how to get started. We had 4 years to practice on their land, and now we get to plant a garden on our own!

Ryan shoveling manure onto the area that will be our vegetable garden. It’s done now, and hopefully we’ll get it planted soon!
I'm so excited that my lilies are growing! I'm not sure what the're supposed to look like, but they're bigger than they were when I planted them so I assume that's a good sign.

Watering the blueberries - He's such a good helper!

I love when we have garden visitors! This week it was a little frog. Rhett made a comment about how he was yucky and we should kill him, so I was a little afraid to let him observe the frog unsupervised... And Ryan was about to start rototilling so I wanted to move the frog to a safer place. I tried to pick him up, but he was indeed yucky and I couldn't summon the courage. I ended up chasing him (very slowly) to a spot where he would be safe from Rhett and our garden tools. Hopefully he didn't die of exhaustion. He was so cute!

These little boys give me so much joy. I'm so grateful to be their mom <3

To conclude this post, here's our very cute, very wiggly munchkin:

PS - I've been watching some videos of other people sharing their experiences with anxiety and depression and how it has affected their spirituality. I'd never wish these challenges on someone else, but at the same time it's such a relief to know there are those out there who understand exactly how it feels. You can find the videos HERE.

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