A Mother's Pride

Mason started crawling a couple weeks ago, and a couple days ago he decided it was an acceptable time to start standing up on his own... I insisted he stay content with crawling just a little longer, but he wouldn't hear it. All day I had to pull him off of all the fun new things he used to hold himself up, like the toilet. He loves the toilet... So much splashy fun... That's the reason we put up the baby gate. 🤣

I'm a little sad that his babyhood is flying by so fast, but I'm also pretty proud of him. He's a determined little guy, and he loves to explore! I love seeing bits of his personality begin to emerge. He is SO funny, and he loves to make me laugh. He's also very sweet and snuggly, and is very good at showing you he loves you ❤

My Little Readers

Every Sunday when we go to church, I always try to bring something to keep the boys entertained. Usually it's cars or some other toy, but today I decided to bring their little books we've been reading for school. I wasn't sure if they'd be willing to sit there and read, but I figured it was worth a try.

We sat out in the foyer for a while so Mason could crawl around, and Kender and Rhett started getting rowdy so I pulled out their books. To my surprise, they were really excited about it! Kender is working his way through The Good and The Beautiful's Level 1 reader, and he's really enjoying it. He likes to read each story twice before he moves on to the next one. Rhett's been reading some Beginner Books(also from The Good and The Beautiful) and he was shockingly excited when I pulled them out. Once sacrament meetingwas over, he was sad because he wanted to keep sitting and reading!

It made my momma heart proud. One of my main goals for my boys is to instill a love of reading and a love of learning. Today showed me that we are on the right track. Homeschooling can be pretty hard sometimes, but moments like these make it all worthwhile.

After church we went to visit Nana and Grandpa, and most of the time Kender and his cousins sat drawing comics together. As I watched him I remembered all the times he resisted handwriting practice, and he never wanted to draw anything. Now he sometimes takes an hour to finish his handwriting and copywork because he always makes elaborate drawings to go along with them!

When he ran to me and showed me his comic, and I saw how he numbered his pages, and how he wrote "Made buy Kender" at the top of each page, and wrote dialogue for his characters, my heart swelled again. There is nothing quite like motherhood, and I'm so grateful that I get to have this calling in life.

Plant Update

We are loving our new grow light. My little herbs definitely needed it, and one of my tomato cuttings finally has roots!! I'm so excited!!! My plants are my babies too 😁

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