Canning Cherries

This year Ryan decided he wanted to try canning cherries. There's a local lady who sells fruit in bulk for great prices in the summer, so we bought a bunch of cherries from her and helped Daddy can them up! I didn't think the boys would help much... I didn't want to help much myself if I'm being honest 😆. But Kender wanted to help pull the stems off the cherries, and once Rhett saw us all working together he wanted in on the fun too. It went by so much faster with the boy's help!

Once we finished with the cherries, we went for a little nature walk and the boys picked flowers for me. I didn't want to carry them, so I stuck them behind my ear and in my hair. Kender thought it was cool, and stuck one behind his ear too 😂

I love my cherry canning husband and my flower picking boys!

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