Good Friends and Summer Days

As an introvert, I have a hard time being around people too much. I love people and I really do enjoy being around my favorite ones, but I just need some alone time to recharge my batteries. With homeschool, I don't get much alone time so I don't often feel super excited for playdates, but this week I felt up for it.

Yesterday we had Kender's cousin Lucas over to play. He stayed for about 4 hours, and the boys had a blast jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler running underneith. They stayed out there for a couple of hours, and then they all came inside to get changed and relax with some Minecraft.

Today we had some of our favorite friends over to play. It was another amazing hot sunny summer day, so again everyone gathered outside to jump on the sprinkler-trampoline. I never did that as a kid, but it looks (and sounds) like some crazy fun. The kids played (6 of them total) and the moms got to enjoy some much needed adult conversation. And I got zero pictures of any of it, so I'm writing about it to help myself remember 😊 I'm so grateful for the amazing friends we have in our lives. I'm feeling very blessed tonight ❤

In other news, Mason and Rhett are adorable. Kender is too, but he's lost his squishy baby face and is becoming more of a handsome little man every day. These two are still my little squishies!

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