Flowers, Herbs, & Veggies

Summer weather is finally here! It's HOT outside (yes, 84 degrees is hot for us), but the plants are loving all the sun! Flowers are blooming, and my herbs are thriving. My tomato plants are huge and flopping over... They've vastly outgrown their cages. I need to cut off new growth and figure out some way to support them. We also have zucchini galore!

In my flower bed, along with my lilies, I planted some daisies and violas. I didn't think they'd bloom this year, but here they are in all their glory! I also planted some poppies, but I haven't seen any of those pop up yet. And if they tried now, they'd probably be eaten by my daisies and violas.

Busy Bee Sunflower

Perennial Violas

Perennial Daisies

In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to plant the daisies and violas so close to the lilies. I'm going to just leave it up to survival of the fittest. Their roots can hash it out underground and decide who gets to bloom again next year. The lilies were breathtaking (you can see them here), but rather short lived. I can always pull everything up and try again next year 😊

Below you'll see my very tenacious busy bee sunflowers. I planted them in the worst possible conditions, and transplanted them several times, but they were determined to bloom! I have no idea if they're supposed to be this small, but I think they're cute! The roses are a little sad looking... I mostly just wanted the stem so I can try to propagate another rose bush! I've successfully rooted 3 tomato plants, and roses will be my next experiment!

I have no idea what that random little pink flower is. I planted snap dragons and this is what came up!

My herb garden is so happy with all this sunshine! It's nice to see my chamomile and lavender finally starting to thrive! I feel like I planted them ages ago.

herb garden

zucchini harvest

I've even been using our garden produce in our meals lately. We've had lots of salad and lettuce smoothies... Have you ever tried a lettuce smoothie? It's not great. But we had so much lettuce I had to get creative.

We've thrown some green beans and zucchini into soups and stir fries with some chicken, and it's been delicious! I love that having a garden forces me to eat healthy 😁

baking zucchini

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