Mason at 11 Months Old

I’ve mentally checked out after a long week of Ryan working 14 hour shifts every day, but we survived!! And we are soooo happy it’s Friday. We’ve missed Daddy, and we are happy to have him to ourselves for a week before he has to finish up his training.

My Baby

Mason will turn one next month. MY BABY HAS BEEN WITH US FOR A WHOLE YEAR ALREADY!!! I want to enjoy every precious moment of his babyhood, but I’m also SO ready to be out of survival mode. Momma wants a solid 8 hours of sleep every night. I’d also like to wake up looking like a movie star when I fall asleep with makeup on. Not a rabid raccoon. Is that too much to ask?

Devouring his PB&J

Mason is so much fun at this stage, and I want to remember his squishy little face forever! His favorite foods right now are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, most pureed fruits and veggies, french fries, watermelon and roast. He’s the best eater of all our babies, and we are hoping he skips the picky stage entirely. We can dream, right?

Mason loves to walk with help and get into all the places he knows he’s not supposed to be. The toilet and kitty litter are his favorites. He has a sixth sense and somehow knows when someone has forgotten to close the door or the gate. His toilet senses tingle, and he crawls as fast as his little body will take him to explore those forbidden areas.

Pulling out all the books… I’m just glad he likes books.

You may have noticed he’s no longer in his cute cloth diapers… It became impossible to get them on him. He insists on rolling, kicking, sitting, or jumping while I’m trying to change his diaper. I can barely get the disposables on him!!

He loves to play with cars, and it’s super cute to watch. He’ll put one under his hand and crawl around to make it drive. I may be biased, but I think it’s pretty impressive play for a kid his age! He babbles tons, and my favorite things he says are “Dada” and “Gully gully gully!”

He also loves to make messes… But who could get mad at that face?

He is so sweet and funny and has the best smile. He loves to bear crawl (hands and feet instead of hands and knees), and he LOVES playing with his brothers. Poor Kender didn’t have any brothers to play with when he was a baby, and he was so happy once Rhett was old enough to play with. Now he and Rhett are the best big brothers to Mason. I love how much these boys love each other.

Mason, you are SO loved ❤

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