Ryan's 30th Birthday

Ryan turned 30 on Tuesday! And for his birthday, he wanted to spend the day with me. That makes me feel pretty dang special ❤. His mom watched the boys for us, and we headed to the ferry to start our day of fun.

We celebrated with Ryan’s family on Sunday – His mom made his favorite dirt cake, which is basically a giant creamy Oreo. It’s so good!!

Olive Garden

I happened to find an unused Olive Garden gift card while I was cleaning last week (score!) so that was our first stop. We had a very attentive waiter, which is good and bad. We never wanted for anything… except alone time. I filled up on bread and soda because he was constantly asking us if we wanted more. Not the worst problem in the world to have… Just one we’ve never had before!

Both times we managed to just miss the ferry, so we had time to walk around and enjoy the waterfront while we waited


After filling up on Italian food, we went to Traxx to race some go-karts. I haven’t raced go-karts since I was in high school and it was fun to do it again! My go-kart was somehow way too big for me so I drove super slow because I felt like the steering wheel kept slipping out of my hands. And Ryan was nauseous by the time we were done, so we were satisfied after one race. We want to take the boys there someday. They would have a blast!

Barnes & Noble

After Traxx, we went to Barnes & Noble to just wander around and look for any fun books for us or the boys. Ryan ended up getting a Star-Wars themed story book to read to the boys at bed time, and I got a couple little chapter books for Kender to read (Nate The Great).

I always get super distracted by the leather bound journals and calendars when we go to Barnes & Noble. They are so beautiful!! I still have an expensive bullet journal that I haven’t filled up, so I was proud of myself for not buying a new one! I don’t know what it is about journals and calendars, but I love buying them and I never fill them.

Cold Stone

After Barnes & Noble we had a little room in our bellies so we went to Cold Stone for Ryan’s favorite Birthday Cake Remix ice cream. I got Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some. Both are super good, and we were stuffed to the max after ice cream, so we headed back to the ferry and back home to our boys.

Home Sweet Home

When we got home, we enjoyed spending time with our sweet little boys. Mason is like a shark. When he’s cranky, all you have to do if flip him on his back to calm him down. But he has to be on top of Mommy, or it doesn’t work 😂

Happy 30th birthday to the best husband/father/friend a girl could ask for! We love you so much Ryan!

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