A Day to Remember

Today was one of those rare and magical days when everything goes my way! The baby slept well, we got all of our schoolwork done before noon, and everyone was happy and well behaved. It was a day worth documenting, if only in pictures 😊

My father in law recently showed me some pictures he took on a photography trip to Canada. They are amazing!! He made me want to get out my little mirrorless camera and pretend to be a photographer. Here are Paul's pictures: https://paulcleaver.smugmug.com/Chilko/

And below are mine... I do not understand fancy cameras. Why can't I just point and shoot!? And why won't my children stay still so I can get them in focus?! Maybe I'll leave the real photography to the pros and I'll just stick with my phone.

This is our new set up for our dry erase board. I put it up a couple feet higher on the wall to keep Rhett from smearing it and playing with all my magnets.
After conference I made myself a new planner for school. I love a fresh planner!
I sat Mason down with an empty water bottle and some straws to entertain himself while the big boys and I did school. And it actually worked! I hope it works again tomorrow...
Then the big boys decided to use the straws for spelling lol
Sadie was my patient model as I tried to remember how to use my camera.
The rest of the pictures are good "old fashioned" iPhone/Google Pixel photos. Melissa grew some HUGE pumpkins, and she even let us keep one! She took these pictures as Ryan helped lift those ginormous things into the truck.

I hope Rhett stays this snuggly forever ❤

To wrap up this evening's random post, I give you the world's cutest baby:

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