Baby Milestones: The First Year

Ok, I've gone through Google Photos and collected some pictures and dates of milestones each of the boys hit their first year. The dates may not be exact, but they are the dates that the pictures reflected so that's what I'm going with!

Baby Blessings

Each of the boys was blessed within their first month of life, and each of them cried through their blessing. I guess that's our family tradition! So I purposely tried to find pictures of them crying. I know Ryan will appreciate that 🤣




Rolls Over

Kender: 3 months

Rhett: 5 months

Mason: 7 months. W didn't put him on the floor very much... I was worried he'd get trampled by a brother or the dog.

Sits Up

Here they are in their bumbo's. They are younger than 6-7 months here.



Mason (and big brother Rhett)

And here they are sitting on their own:

Kender: 6 months

Rhett: 6 months

Mason: 7 months

1st Tooth

Kender: 6 months

Rhett: 11 months. This seems insane to me... I feel like we'd remember if our baby didn't have teeth for almost a year... But the first picture of him I could find with teeth in that chubby little mouth was 11 months!

Mason 7 months

Stands with Help

Kender: 3 months

Rhett: 10 months

Mason: 8 months

I'm pretty sure it was sooner for Rhett and Mason, but my earliest pictures were at 10 & 8 months.


Kender: 8 months

Rhett: 9 months

Mason: 8 months


Kender: 10 months

Rhett: 13 months

Mason: 11 months. I'm counting it, even if he won't let go of my hand lol.

Cloth Diapers

Kender wore cloth diapers from 20 months to about 3 years. We didn't use them at all for Rhett. Mason used them from 3 months to 10 months. I know this isn't really a milestone, but I love their cute fluffy little bums!



Potty Trained

Kender: 3 years

Rhett: 4 years

Mason: TBD

This is the last milestone I'll cover in this post. What do ya know! It wasn't as long as I thought it would be. I'll wrap it up with a few more cute baby pictures:



Mason & Rhett

And some videos!

Kender was motivated to crawl by Ryan's phone lol

Rhett's Chubby face was so cute!

He may not like it, but he can totally walk!


  1. Susan Cleaver10/05/2019 2:05 PM

    I love seeing the pictures of the boys side by side, to see what they looked like at the various ages. Those are cute videos too!

  2. Betty Tucker10/07/2019 7:21 AM

    Can’t help but smile. Your babies are to cute. Love seeing the different stages all together.