Feeling Sluggish

The past couple of weeks have been tricky for me. I've been feeling extra tired and sluggish, and was worried it was my depression breaking through again. Yesterday our family all went to the doctor together to get our flu shots, and Mason and I also needed our blood drawn so they did that too. Turns out my thyroid is acting up again, and I need my medication adjusted. My fingers are crossed that I start getting a bit more energy in the coming weeks as my body adjusts to the proper levels of thyroid hormone!

Enjoying some DQ after getting poked

Although my brain has been a bit slow and lazy, I did manage to take lots of pictures. And I mean LOTS, so brace yourselves:


School has mostly consisted of lots of reading these past couple of weeks, but we did manage to get in a few formal lessons. They're so cute when they work.

The Mattress Fort

After re-watching the video I posted from the big boy's birthdays and seeing how we turned our living room into a big cushy space for Kender when he started walking, I figured we would try to do the same for Mason. It didn't have the effect I was hoping for... Mason liked it for a little bit, but then his big brothers started jumping around like wild monkeys and I ended up having Ryan put it back in their bedroom. But I let them have some crazy fun for a couple hours first.


These boys are growing up so fast, and getting more handsome every day ❤. The Primary Program is this coming Sunday, and they've done so well practicing their parts! I'm so proud!

Love that rogue finger lol

Random Shenanigans

Being his monkey self
Showing off his muscles and cool tricks
Went with dad to swap out some tires
Rhett says the funniest things these days. I need to write them all down in a blog post.

And a million pictures of Mason in his high chair

He's turned into a huge Daddy's boy, and it's SO sweet!!!

A Fall Family Walk

I took about 100 pictures, and came out with six I really liked ❤

I'm not sure why, but I really love this one!
And this one! THIS is what I was trying to accomplish with my old lens. I'm so glad I got a new one.

I'm so glad that I have these people to love and support me even when I'm sluggish and not as productive as I want to be.

Awesome Books

If you're feeling sluggish and the weather makes you want to curl up with a good book, I highly recommend The Selection series. I'd describe it as a less bloody combination of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Bachelor. It's such a fun read! I'm tearing through these books. I started them this week, and I'm already almost done with book 3! I asked Ryan if he'd read them and he said they were girl books... I tried to convince him otherwise, but he says the cover is a bit hard to swallow. I have to agree. They are very pretty, but they definitely look like girl books lol. I'd probably classify them as clean (so far) romance novels.


Betty Tucker said...

Double thumbs up! Hang in there, your energy will return soon. It’s good that you know when to slow down and not feel guilty about it. Kinder is a future Ninja Warrior!! Love the smiles!

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