Kender & Rhett: Ages 1-4

Ok, now that Mason's birthday has passed, I'm hopping back on the nostalgia train! For this post I'm looking back at all my big boy's birthdays from ages 1-4. Oh my goodness, they were so precious! Watching these videos again made my heart melt. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did ❤



I think for Kender's 1st birthday we had a couple of our friends over for cake and that was it. I don't even have pictures! But we were fun parents. Watch the video to see when we turned our living room into a giant mattress fort!


I remember we didn't really do much for Rhett's first birthday other than attempt to give him cake. He was cranky, and wasn't super interested in the cake lol.

Sounds like he's yelling "No no no no!!!"

And here's the link to Mason's 1st birthday too: Mason is ONE! 😁



For Kender's second birthday we took him to the air show. It was loud, and he wasn't sure about that, but he loved getting to see all the air planes. That was a fun birthday! Also when he got his first little strider bike.

I couldn't find any videos from Kender's second birthday, so here's Kender at iJump when he was two:


We celebrated Rhett's birthday with Ryan's parents and a donut cake. I love donut cakes... They're so easy, and everyone loves them!

OH my goodness, they were so little and adorable!!! I love Rhett's "ta da" at the end.



For this one Kender got to go truck shopping with Daddy and Grandpa. He also got to ride on the big excavator at Dad's work (which was construction at the time). A pretty great birthday for a kid who loves heavy machinery! We also had cake and ice cream with Ryan's parents. I remember that cake. Funfetti with M&Ms on top... It was GOOD!

Be still my heart!


Rhett shares his birthday with his cousin Soren, so that's a special thing for them!



I remember this birthday well. Kender desperately wanted a big birthday party with all his preschool friends, and I wanted to make him happy so I agreed. I can't remember exactly how many kids showed up, but it felt like 1000. I was having a lot of anxiety about it lol. I'm not a party throwing kind of person. Kender was in a wrestling stage too. He and one of his buddies were playing rough and he got a bloody nose, but it didn't phase him. I was glad Kender was happy, but I was in no rush to have another friend party any time soon.


Thankfully Rhett didn't show any interest in a friend party. He's pretty easy to please. As long as he has cake and a present to open he is happy! This was the first birthday (besides Mason's actual birth) that we celebrated in our new house. We had Ryan's parents over for cake, ice cream, and presents. I wrote a whole post for Rhett's 4th birthday, but I'll still share his picture and video for the sake of unity.

These boys are so wonderful, and I feel so blessed to be their mom!!!


Susan Cleaver said...

It was so wonderful remembering what they were like at the different ages. I loved the videos. Great job putting it all together April! What a treasure.

April Cleaver said...

Thanks Susan! ❤️