Mason is ONE!

Oh Mason... How is it possible that your adorable little face is ONE YEAR OLD already? I can't imagine life without you. You make our family complete. You are such a funny little goober with the best smile. Your laugh is so contagious, and I love the way you crawl to me as fast as you can whenever you see me. I love your happy squeal, and all the sounds you make. We love you SO much little man!

First bites of cake and opening presents:

Precious moments from yesterday:

I gave Melissa my camera to play with and she returned it with these cute pics ❤

Snuggling Daddy
Snuggling Aunt Melissa while enjoying his snacks

Precious moments from today:


  1. Betty Tucker10/15/2019 2:38 AM

    So sad to have missed this milestone but so happy to see these pictures and videos! Miss your family so much. Hopefully will get to visit soon. Hugs and kisses.

  2. We miss you too and can't wait for you to visit again!! ❤️

  3. Susan Cleaver10/15/2019 1:44 PM

    Love seeing all of the pictures!😊