The First Frost

I've turned to Google (and on Sunday I will turn to the photography pros in my family) for help on learning how to use my camera. I've been practicing too, and I think I'm getting better! I seem to be figuring out how to get slightly sharper images anyway. Here's a look at my version of "nature photography." (Featuring the creepy critters in our yard).

Our School Week

This week was a pretty fun one with school. We've been studying botany for our science unit, and today we learned about photosynthesis. I sent the boys outside to hunt for some leaves they could use to make rubbings. They got so excited about it they decided to turn their rubbings into fall decorations - and I think they turned out pretty awesome! Can you tell which ones Rhett cut out all by himself? He chose very tiny leaves lol.

We've had a couple of fires in our wood stove this week, and that always makes me excited for the changing weather. I love the smell of the fire, and the warm cozy atmosphere it creates. It especially helped a couple days ago when we lost power for about 8 hours. It was the first time we've lost power in this house! Thankfully Ryan was here to put batteries in all the lanterns, set up the generator, and get a fire going for us. Aside from Mason not liking to sleep without his usual air purifier and lullabies, it went pretty smoothly!

After school today, the boys went outside to help their dad work in the yard. I'm glad they still think yard work is fun, and they still think helping Dad is cool. I hope they stay that way forever! Mason helped by sitting there and looking extra adorable in his cuddly little jacket ❤

A Frozen Pumpkin Patch

Last night was our first frost of the year. Have you ever wondered what happens to squash/pumpkins after a good frost? They look like this!

The leaves look so sad! Good thing I picked our ripe pumpkins a couple days ago. They are stacked on our porch (still outside) but they seemed to have fared better than their brothers still on the vine. I'm not lugging those inside, so we'll just see how long they last out there in the cold.

The biggest one is from Melissa's garden, and the rest are from ours!

PS - This was one of my favorite talks from General Conference: Watchful unto Prayer Continually by David A. Bednar


  1. Susan Cleaver10/11/2019 10:22 AM

    Your artistic eye makes you a great photographer too! Awesome pictures.

  2. Betty Tucker10/11/2019 1:07 PM

    Sweet!!!! Love those pumpkins! Photos are pretty cute too! Oh yeah. Can’t beat the family cuteness ❤️