Our First Thankful Tree + Free Printable

Have you ever heard of a Thankful Tree? It's a really cute holiday craft for Thanksgiving time, and a great way to encourage gratitude. They can be made out of construction paper, paint, markers, or whatever you want! For those of you who are slightly less artsy, I've got you covered. I made a printable Thankful Tree!

My Inspiration

I first learned about this fun craft when I read Shawni's post about it over on 71Toes.com. I guess it's a pretty common tradition, I'm just a little late in discovering it. It's such a great way for everyone in the family to remember all the things they are thankful for! I'm especially excited to get the boys involved. Sometimes they get so caught up in the things they want this time of year, that they forget all the amazing things they already have.

I found this super cute printable from iHeartNaptime, but couldn't print it at home. It's size 16x20, so she recommends having it printed at a copy shop. I prefer to print things at home, so I tried my hand at making my own printable Thankful Tree. There are lots of cute printable trees out there, but I had a hard time finding one in that 16x20 size that I like. I really like designing things, so I thought it would be a fun little project. And figuring out how to get it to print the way I wanted would be a fun challenge!

I'm really happy with how it turned out!!! Especially since I opted out of Adobe software in favor of free open source software. I'm rather impressed with myself!

Printing Your Thankful Tree

You can print this tree straight from your home printer. It prints on 4 sheets of regular computer paper, and you tape them together like a puzzle to get a Thankful Tree that's a little but bigger than 16x20, but you can easily trim it down if you want to frame it. When you print it, be sure select the "print actual size" option instead of "fit to page." That will reduce the size of the margin. The margin is slight, but you can't see it once your tree is covered with leaves.

Speaking of which, I also made some printable leaves to go with your tree! Or you can just use construction paper.

>> Free Printable Thankful Tree <<

Once you've got everything printed out, put your tree together like a puzzle and tape it. Next, cut out your leaves. It's nice to have them pre-cut and sitting in a bowl with a pen or marker nearby so you can grab one whenever you think of something you're thankful for. You can add leaves throughout the month, or add them all at once. I like the idea of adding them throughout the month, so that's what we're doing. I've been trying to add a couple a day for myself, and encouraging the family to do the same. I want our tree to be nice and full by the time Thanksgiving rolls around!

A New Tradition

I'm really excited to do this with my family every year from now on! For those of you who make a yearly Thankful Tree, what do you do with them when you're done? Do you save them all or just take pictures and get rid of them? Let me know!


Lifelemonsandlavender said...

This is a great idea!

April Cleaver said...

Thanks! I thought so too ❤️