Families Can Be Together Forever

Yesterday Ryan and I got to go on a date to the Seattle Temple! It was the first time we've been since I was pregnant with Mason, and it was really nice to go and be reminded of all those beautiful temple blessings. It brings me so much comfort and joy knowing that my family will be together not just for this life, but for all of eternity. My family is mine forever!

If you're not familiar with temples, you can visit comeuntochrist.org for more info.

I've always loved the statues at the Seattle Temple. This one of a mother dancing with her children is my favorite ❤ 

I love visiting that beautiful building. I love the feelings of peace I get as I walk through the doors and leave the chaos and noise of the world behind for a few hours. I feel God's love for me the strongest when I am in the temple, and I always come home with more clarity and a nourished spirit. We got married in this temple, so that also makes it an extra special place to visit!

Precious Moments From This Week

Our family passed around a pretty nasty cold for a few weeks, and Rhett was the last one to get hit. He came down with a fever last Saturday evening, and spent the night snuggling with me in my bed. I hate when the boys feel yucky, but I loooovvveee all the extra snuggles!

Rhett wasn't the only one feeling yucky this week. Poor Sadie did end up getting sick after staying at a new boarding place over Thanksgiving. One morning she started coughing and gagging so I took her outside because I thought she was going to throw up. She did NOT like that, and was mad at me for at least 24 hours. She went so far as to crawl under our bed and hide from me! I know the Dog Whisperer says dogs don't hold grudges, but that sure felt like a grudge...

When she finally came out from under the bed, she snuggled up on top with her kitty sister. She hated going outside to eat or do her business, so we spoiled her fancy food and lots of extra snuggles for a few days. She seems to be feeling much better now, thank goodness!

I love that I got her tongue hanging out! 

I'm struggling to stay awake as I type this, so the rest of this post is mostly pictures. Enjoy!

Kender made this awesome snowman ornament! I love how creative he is ❤ 

Mason has the best smile! 

My Christmastime Happy Place 

Rhett loves Mason so much, and it melts my heart. 

Rhett likes to tell me he loves me several times a day. A few days ago I let him know that I loved it when he tells me he loves me, and he said that every time he says it his love grows even more. He's the best!! I asked him why he loves me so much and he said it's because I always do things for him. I asked him to clarify, and he said, "Because you make me food and do the dishes!"

That boy makes me feel so loved!! I asked Rhett if he'd like to do the dishes with me, and he excitedly said yes. So the next morning, I had him help me clean off dishes and load up the dishwasher. Kender joined in too, and they ended up doing most of the work for me! I gave them each $.50 as a token of my appreciation. I sure love those boys of mine.

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